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About Himalayan High Treks (...and why we're different)

 We have first-hand experience everywhere we go. Himalayan High Treks began in 1988 as a vision for an alternative to large, commercial travel companies — who often sub-contract a visitors experience to unknown places and people. Instead, Himalayan High Treks has first-hand knowledge of every trail, site, point-of-interest and staff member you'll encounter along your journey. Our Scheduled Trips are in the company of experienced group leaders (often from the United States) and our independent Custom Trips are supported by local, English-speaking guides who were born and live in the regions you travel. Our small size is our strength, affording us the flexibility to develop group and custom adventure itineraries with a close contact to the communities you will visit.

 We don't waste. Himalayan High Treks doesn't spend a lot of money on flashy ads and expensive promotions. That's not what you want to pay for! Many of our travelers have returned for numerous trips with us.
They tell family and friends about their adventures and about our services.

Our customers usually come to us by 'word of mouth'
and from personal recommendations from satisfied travelers.
Many return to us again and again to discover Asia in the best hands.

When you join one of our trips, you do not pay a premium
for a lot of glossy corporate overhead or non-essential frills.
Most of your money goes directly into your own adventure and directly
to the people and places make your journey unique and wonderful!

We strive to keep our prices affordable to everyone,
while still offering very personalized and experienced service.

 We give back. Our trip leaders know each location on all our unique itineraries and keep established relationships within each community. They know the local communities, guides, guest house owners, sherpas, porters, horsemen and cooks. HHT founder Effie Fletcher says,
"We only present about ten scheduled or join-in trips each year and I or another experienced group leader accompanies each group. It's close contact and interaction with the local people in each community that creates a lasting impression...on both sides! Communication and improving community employment is one small way we can 'give back' something tangible to the friendly and welcoming people of our host countries".

 We stand by our word (and you too). Himalayan High Treks has been around since 1988!
Since then, we have offered annually–scheduled Small Group Trips to fascinate and enrich hundreds of Himalayan trekkers. We produce custom treks, tours and ground support for groups, families and individuals with their own specific interests. We have dedicated our expanding network and staff to other exotic regions of Asia too — such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Burma.

This history represents a lot of (s)miles on and off the trails for our inquisitive travelers. Since 1996, Himalayan High Treks has been a proud Accredited Business Member of the Better Business Bureau.
We work hard for our A+ rating and the satisfaction of those who travel in our care!

What Our Explorers & Trekkers Have Said About Us!

Himalayan High Treks is a small, specialty travel company. We pay attention to details — details that matter to those who participate in our trips, ensuring they have the best and safest experience possible!

Not only do we plan out all trip logistics, we also personally consult with each participant to prepare them for their unique adventure.
We want everyone to have the memorable
and life–changing experiences we have enjoyed in these beautiful mountains in the company of these friendly and humble people.

Here are a few unsolicited comments from some of our Himalayan High Trekkers...


"A wonderful trek. As good as some of the more famous ones I have taken. Terrain was pristine, the forests clean and quiet. I can only believe that seeking out a more untraveled trekking route was the correct decision. Each and every employee went far beyond what could be reasonably expected. I can honestly say that the preparation and execution of our trip from the time
we were met at the New Delhi Airport until the time we left,
a period of 17 days, every thing was handled flawlessly.
It was truly remarkable."

Charles S. — Oakland, CA

Custom Kuari Pass, India

"Well organized from start to finish. Very inclusive of the appropriate interests."

Ruth P. — Norfolk, VA

Dharma Journeys India & Nepal

"What was also nice was that as two small females, we felt safe...I wanted to see places where most tourists don't go and where the local people welcomed us, places where the landscape was untouched. The Lower Everest trip is a wonderful, unique experience through uncharted areas of Nepal. You will go to areas of the country where very few tourists ever see, passing your time moving through lush, vibrant landscapes, crossing streams, and sometimes catching a festival."

Suzanne Y. — San Francisco, CA

Lower Everest Trek

"I just can't stop talking to friends and patients about the trip.
It was very humbling and as I said, a great trip. You will make
our next itinerary, but it will be a little further north
and closer to the mountains."

Dr. Bernard C. — Honolulu, HI

Custom India Tour

"Seeing three snow leopards just after beginning to descend the Chogo La (pass) was an unbelievable thrill! I've dreamed about seeing one since I began trekking in the Himalayas in the 1980's, but never thought I'd actually see one in the wild."

Maggie M. — San Anselmo, CA

Upper Mustang Trek

"We had an extraordinary pilgrimage. We have been back just over 2 weeks but feel like we just landed. Robina worked tirelessly for us bringing great depth to the whole experience. Amber was a delight, never ruffled, always there. Thank you for putting this all together, an experience of a lifetime."

Angela and Harvey H. — San Jose, CA

Dharma Journeys India & Nepal

"I wanted to connect with a U. S. company. I liked the fact
that I was able to communicate with a live person that was
responsible for the trip. Many companies offer the same
trip multiple times in a year and I would be hesitant to
participate in one of those trips since I don"t think a
participant would get the same kind of personal attention.

The staff was excellent... I was the slowest of the group
but Bhim stayed with me the whole time.
All of the staff get an A+."

Lisa E. — Eureka, CA

Lower Everest

"It was one of the best trips of my life — an amazing adventure. Bali — exotic, beautiful — and we loved the Maya Ubud, set in the jungle, but with all the amenities. Our guide, Musa, was excellent, providing an introduction into Balinese temples, religion and culture. We especially loved Bhutan, with its breathtaking landscapes, the Himalayan throne of the Gods, the Buddhist temples and culture, and most of all, the people. Our guide, Ugyen and driver Nidup were great traveling companions and became our friends. Ugyen was our guru and provided poetic descriptions of Bhutanese Buddhist culture and history... Thailand... We toured an eco–village, met the owner/cousin of
the king and sang karaoke with their friends in the bar our last evening. Our Thai guide, Dan, was young and enthusiastic, with
a good sense of humor... Thanks for making the arrangements and ensuring that we were met at each arrival point by such charming and knowledgeable people."

Sandra P. & John H. — Palo Alto, CA

Custom Bali, Bhutan & Thailand

"Just returned from Lower Everest... Had a super time.
Amber is far and away the best guide I have ever had. I would
go on any trip with his name on it! Visit to school was so special. They put on a 1 1/2 hour program to welcome and thank us, complete with about 10 scarves and 5 hand–made fresh local flower leis. Amber even invited us to his Kathmandu home for dinner... met his wife, daughter, mother, and sister. He and Bhim (assistant guide) made us a fabulous meal including homemade Momos that we got to watch them make. Met his dad too
and spent one evening in the family house in his village.
And the early morning vistas of Everest were a superb treat."

Terry E. — San Francisco, CA

Lower Everest

"It's hard to imagine a better run company or a more enjoyable trip. Extremely prompt and helpful answers to all my questions. Exceeded my family's expectations. My husband gave it an A+!
Me too! All three guides were super-friendly, punctual, helpful, knowledgeable. Using local guides allowed us to take
advantage of their familiarity with the area.
They also had interesting stories to tell."

Debra & Bill T. — Concord, MA

Custom Myanmar

"...Dorji & Ogyen were both fantastic... We all felt well taken care of and they were ready to teach us more than we could ever remember! I was extremely comfortable with them both
and they went out of their way for us. The trip was excellent!"

Michelle R. — Santa Cruz, CA

Custom Bhutan

"You were always immediate in your responses and took time to answer all our questions...we needed to be really well prepared and felt like we were, especially with the medical information.
The leaders were wonderful... We were very grateful for
their experience and knowledge."

Mae and Bob Z. — Milton, VT

Dharma Journeys Pilgrimage,
Nepal & India

"...Thantzin...What I loved the most is that he had done wonderful things for various villagers, so we were especially welcome there (in their homes). He stayed with or behind me on the trek,
even though I was the slowest, so that I was never alone..."

Paula H. — Washington, DC

Custom Myanmar

"They were ALWAYS there to greet us at the airport, always early to pick us up for departure. Most guides went inside the airport to make sure seats were available and booked correctly...LOVED the trip down the Mekong and the Ha Long Bay trip. Nice people, good food, interesting. Great weather on Ha Long Bay...also LOVED the community-based tourism/lodge in Thailand. Really nice people."

Henry & Claudia F. — Santa Barbara, CA

Custom Southeast Asia

"Saila was a joy to travel with. His quiet leadership and
gentle humor, inspired complete confidence and created
a problem-free trek in the Khumbu Region.
I will ask for him again on my next trip to Nepal."

Anne J. — Oakland, CA

Custom Trek, Nepal

"...Your 'Roof Of The World Custom 2009 Itinerary' trip
exceeded our expectations... We have traveled worldwide
and we can tell you Penba is one of the best guides
we have had... Nepal and Tibet were right up there
with the best adventures we've ever had...
In three weeks neither of us ever got sick and we enjoyed
the local foods on a daily basis...directly due to Penba's
watchful eye and instructions... A trip of a lifetime!

Linda T & Gary I. — Bonita Springs, FL

Custom Nepal & Tibet

"The whole trip was super...Tibet in particular. Loved the Lhasa hotel; Pasang was a great guide; The cook on the trek was phenomenal....he gets my highest praise and recommendation!; the trek itself was wonderful....but too short. I am already ready for another one....longer....maybe that really long one in Bhutan!"

Terry E. — San Francisco, CA

Ganden to Samye Trek

"Having Marin was great. She's energetic, knows her stuff and just loves to interact with the local people. I found her being able to speak some Nepalese and having been on the circuit for some time really enhanced my trip. We stopped often to chit-chat with the locals and the various vendors. Since I was looking for a 'cultural' experience besides just an outdoors trek, I was really grateful for her company. Also, she did not just 'take off' but really enjoyed the 'path'. She also was the one who initiated
the short hike to Marpha which was totally enchanting -
not only the town but the scenery."

Ramona H. — Sebastopol, CA

Annapurna Sanctuary

"Amber is an exceptional person, of course you know that already. Also our porters Buddhi, Nima, Dawa were great and kind to us. We hope to keep Amber's friendship and will keep in touch with him. We also met Marin, Bhim and also ran into Rick and friends on their way to Base Camp. You have a great staff and we will be referring "HighTreks" to our friends."

Arlen C. — San Francisco, CA

Custom Everest Trek

"I just want to say that almost every time we passed another group I was struck by how lucky we were to be with our group. Specific advantages: small group; knowledgeable and involved guides and staff; horses seemed better cared for; generally respectful of the environment."

Sid M. and Todd P. — Enfield, NH

Zanskar Ladakh

"This is one of the most pleasant trips I have taken — a good deal because the country and attitude of the Bhutanese people is so beautiful. The price was better than others and your trip was in Bhutan longer. Effie, I don't know another tour operator that I have encountered who was more responsive and helpful
than you... and thank you very much for that."

Donna C. — Calgary, AB

Bhutan Bumthang

"I was amazed by how rugged and steep the terrain in Sikkim is. Going over Dhafey Bhir pass was a real highlight, with great
views including into Nepal and back to Kanchenjunga. We only saw one other trekker after we left Dzongri, so it was neat to be
off the beaten track. Thupten was a really good guide. Very knowledgeable about the country, plants, and the trails. We visited 3 of his siblings in their homes, the refugee center and the Ghoom monastery where his brother is a monk. Those contacts added a lot to our trip. His crew was really good and cook he had, Pemba, was excellent. I think the food was better than on the ---company name deleted--- trips we took to Bhutan. I would sure recommend him to anyone. We met the whole family!"

Larry D. — Colorado Springs, CO

Custom Ladakh
Custom Sikkim

"Saila was truly an incredible guide, and there really is
not enough I can say about him. The Everest trek was my first time hiking, and he was incredibly supportive, patient and very upbeat. Even when the day's trek seemed overwhelming, Saila would always be sure to have a smile and crack a joke so it did not seem as difficult! He was also great company throughout the trip. I would spend the hours after dinner talking to Saila about everything from politics to differences between the US and Nepal.
He is really an incredible leader and guide — were it not for him and his motivation there is no way I would have ever made it to the top of Kala Pattar or Base Camp."

Amaris W. — Concord, CA

Custom Trek, Everest

"It was the world's best trek! Even a trip to the moon couldn't beat it. We were so glad for our guide Amber's hard work, patience, expertise, understanding and experience."

Dr. Joel A. and Lisa N. — Berkeley, CA

Custom Trek, Ladakh

"HHT may not have the glossy brochures of the big outfits,
but the personal support we received was great.
Food was a highlight — hard to believe how good it was
given the primitive and challenging conditions."

Tom & Jane M. — Portland, OR

Kanchenjunga Trek, Sikkim

"I do have to be honest and admit that Ashim, our guide
on our trip to Sikkim, was absolutely the best ever!
The food and level of service was amazing!!"

Betty S. — Sebastopol, CO

Annapurna Circuit, Nepal
Everest Classic, Nepal
Sikkim Kanchenjunga

"Thank you for the amazing trek. It was, for sure, one of
my life's greatest adventures. We were lucky to see the
Dalai Lama and to go through many monasteries.
The beautiful mountains, the people and the organization were all good, but most of all I would like to say that without Gary (the trip leader) this trek would not be nearly as good as it was with him! His experience, calmness and knowledge are great. Gary is by far the best guide I have traveled with."

Shai D. — Upper Galilee, Israel

Custom Padum/Wanla, India
Zanskar/Ladakh Trek, India

"Group leader, Priscilla and guide D.B. were excellent, knowledgeable, health and safety conscious,
attentive to participants, and patient with problems.
I hope others appreciated how good the equipment,
meals, transportation and itinerary were.
Perhaps one needs to have done a previous trip to Nepal
to realize how good everything was on this trip!"

Bill F. — Livermore, CA

Everest Classic Trek

"I had a fabulous trip. The guide was wonderful —
well educated in government, history etc.
Not one thing went wrong."

Anna Marie Y. — Confluence, PA

Custom Bumthang Tour

"The entire staff was superb.
They were one of the best parts of the trip.
An amazing but tiring trip!"

Lexy D. — New York, NY

Zanskar/Ladakh Trek, India

"This was my second time with HHT (& group leader Marin).
The trip again exceeded my expectations. The campsites were lovely. The food was tasty and they tried to offer variety.
The runaway yaks should not have happened.
However, the yak man made a Herculean effort
to retrieve them and we all ended up okay."

Donna F. — Houston,TX

Cholmolhari Trek, Bhutan
Everest Spring Trek, Nepal

"Our leader, Gary, was absolutely outstanding! He really made the experience so much more (richer, easier,
more fun) than it would have been otherwise."

Catherine F. & Alan S. — Berkeley CA

Zanskar/Ladakh Trek, India
Markha Valley Trek, India

"It was the most magical magnificent trip I ever took!!
Also the hardest!"

Betty G. — Alameda, CA

Custom Kailas Trek, Tibet

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