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Himalayan High Treks Custom Trips — Travel To Asia Your Way

 If you have a thirst for independent travel, we custom-create each Custom Trip itinerary — for you — based on your own specific interests and needs. For those with unique schedule requirements, curiosities, goals, routes, physical needs or for folks who just like to travel independently, HHT will create your perfect itinerary and handle all the details. We can organize all your logistical needs as well as supply each piece of a travel puzzle so all you do is enjoy the whole picture. If you can think it... we can make it happen! Explore some of these suggestions and itineraries we can offer to you or your group... or create your own!

Each Custom Trip is a unique combination of schedules, routes, services and amenities that are custom–made to your specifications. They are planned for the time you decide and go where you want to go — for as long as you desire. You can carry your own gear or be accompanied by an entourage of your guide, a support and portage crew and their animals. Every aspect of your Custom Trip is a result of your choices and our experience! HHT supplies the knowledge, guidance, staff and logistical support to make your trip a worry-free success. Decide what you want to do and we turn that idea into reality!

Each Custom Trip can include:

  • Pre-trip consultations, comprehensive information and resources to ensure you get the most from your trip.
  • An English-speaking local guide (born and living where you travel) who is an expert in local traditions and current conditions, who also manages the local staff.
  • Support crew of Sherpas, Porters, Cooks, Horsemen and Packers are provided as preferred — you only need to carry what you wish!
  • Yaks, porters and horses to carry gear.
  • Non-personal trekking equipment: tents, tables, stoves, latrine and their supplies.
  • Safe ground transportation and driver for touring and covering longer distances.
  • Help with air bookings from home to your destination and back.
  • Air bookings on small regional carriers during your itinerary (usually impossible to accomplish online).
  • Reserved accommodations in hotels, guest houses or camping along the trail.
  • Some or all of your meals as desired (all meals provided while trekking).
  • Jungle safaris, river trips, horse trips, monastery pilgrimages and many other unique adventures.
  • The time of your life!

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    Country Ideas To Explore:

    Here are helpful pages with descriptions, general costs and area highlights in Burma, Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal and northern India.
    Review our Scheduled Trip pages for even more ideas and sample routes. There are many cultures and areas to explore!

    Remember, a Custom Trip is a custom exchange between you and us!
    We can distill your ideas, needs, costs and schedule into a successful and memorable adventure.

    Astounding Nepal:
    Everest & Beyond!

    From the highest place on Earth to lowland river jungles it's all here — with peaks, wildlife, people, treks and tours to boggle your mind!

    Emerging Myanmar:
    A Land & Culture Rising

    Mingalarbar Myanmar! From its tropical beaches to lofty mountains, Burma has one of the world's most untouched traditional cultures.

    Hidden Tibet:
    The Ancient Place

    Across the Tibetan plateau you'll discover hidden worlds, vast open plains, towering peaks and a unique culture like you've never known.

    Independent Sikkim:
    Between Mountains and Sky

    Explore rugged, breathtaking high–mountain scenery and untouched forests in northern India's amazing Himalayan "Shangri-La".

    India's Far North:
    Ladakh's Magic Mountains!

    India's northernmost borderland spans the Himalayan and Karakoram mountains — an ancient Silk Road center of Tibetan culture.

    Timeless Bhutan:
    Land Of The Thunder Dragon

    A look at Bhutan's riches with many tours and seven trek options in this little-known, mystical kingdom. A cultural treasure chest!

    How It Works:

    Creating your own Custom Trip is a straightforward and logical development process. We try to keep it simple and the key to that simplicity is good communication between us during the trip development period. Each trip is unique and has it's own specific requirements... but generally, all custom trips are created in the same fashion:

  • We can begin quickly by knowing the parameters for your trip. 'When', 'where' and 'how' are the first things to consider — What dates do you wish to travel? Where do you want to travel and/or what do you want to see? How do you want to travel (accompanied by a guide, cook, porters, pack animals, land vehicle, local flights)? How many are in your group? Are there special needs? We can create almost any trip you'd imagine almost anywhere throughout the Himalayan and Southeast Asian regions. If you don't yet know all the specifics, that's OK, but these are the first things we should define. We can help you refine your ideas or provide more information at the next step too.
  • Send an email inquiry as a first step to us to ask any questions and propose your trip idea by giving as much information as you know. The purpose of this email description is to define right away if we are able help you with the trip you have in mind. We can also give you a general idea of costs and potential options, based on the specifics and information you provide. Detailed estimates rely on detailed specifics and some research for accuracy, so a firm estimate will be provided once the itinerary details are finalized and bookings are researched (after the following step).
  • Once we acknowledge that we can help you produce your Custom Trip, please complete a Development Request. Submit your completed request with a $200USD, non–refundable development fee, which helps offset the time spent in creating your custom itinerary. You may complete the Development Request online — visit our Trip Applications & Administration page and complete an HHT Online Custom Trip Development Request. If you prefer to send your request by mail or FAX, you'll find the form at the bottom of this page. We offer to apply the development fee (in the form of a discount) to the land cost after you approve the final custom itinerary and 'join' your trip. Thus, once you book and join your Custom Trip with us, the cost of developing your unique itinerary is free!
  • You will have contact with us throughout the process of researching and creating your itinerary details. As we refine those details, be sure to ask about any improvements or options you'd prefer.
  • Once your itinerary is fully developed and you are ready to 'join' your trip, complete a Trip Application Form (a copy of that form can be found below if submitting by mail or FAX). Each of your participants should also complete an application for your trip too. You may apply instantly online — visit our Trip Applications & Administration page and complete an HHT Online Application. Once your trip application is processed, we credit the $200 development fee to the contact's land cost, lowering the final land cost of your Custom Trip.
  • From this point, the process is similar to our Scheduled Trek Programs... We create a final descriptive itinerary, process further applications from others participating in your custom trip, supply you with important medical information, create a pre-trip package of informative details, suggested reading and a handy packing checklist. Consult the "Our Policies" link (to your left) for more specifics.
  • Anytime you have a question (even now) just send us your inquiry and we will contact you right away: Contact HHT.
  • Trek or Tour?            Tour or Trek?            Here are the forms for both!

    A Custom Trip is classified as either a Custom Trek or Custom Tour. Those descriptions are based on the trip activities. On a tour you travel by land/air vehicles and stay in quality hotels, while on a trek, you trail hike most days and sleep in a tent (or sometimes in a rustic guest house).

    We separate Custom Trips into treks or tours due to the greater 'up–front' costs and numerous reservations associated with a tour. This issue is reflected in the deposit amount for each type: $500 deposit for a Custom Tour or $250 deposit for a Custom Trek. During the trip development, we'll also tell you which is appropriate for your trip. The final and full trip cost is not affected.

    Here are the three forms to use if you submit by postal mail or FAX. You may complete all of them online — visit our Trip Applications & Administration page to do so (select either 'Custom Trek' or 'Custom Tour' on the main application form). The Custom Trip Development Form is submitted first by the trip's contact person to create your custom itinerary. After the itinerary is final and approved, you and your participants should submit either the Custom Trek or Custom Tour application depending on your trip type, along with a passport copy.